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Hey, I'm Liam.
My life is usually spent in various books or listening to music and I like having conversations about both.
I work in a junior school in Norfolk.
I'm also doing a degree course, so I'm pretty busy most of the time.
Oh I also ride a motorbike. My motorbike was stolen, I have a car now :(
Apart from that I guess I'm pretty boring.
>Ask me things
>My face

This should work.

Sorry audio is rather rubbish, microphone on laptop is rather naff…and I cant sing.

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Otherside- Red Hot Chili Peppers.  ukulele cover with terrible singing.

(also yes that is a little pep talk at the beginning)

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Okay it may be a bit quiet… whack your volume up full :D

Sorry for the joke at the beginning….its really not that funny

— 2 years ago

Sorry for the retardness of me. 

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